Student's Council Constitution

Student's Council Constitution



As per the constitution of the Students' Council for colleges affiliated to Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, the following terms and conditions have been agreed upon. To contest elections for the varied posts of Students' Council., all contestants including the students will have to strictly abide by the rules. On the account of misappropriation of rules misconduct & misbehaviour, a student can even be debarred and his admission can be treated as cancelled by the orders of the President of the Students' Council (Principal).

(1) Canvassing for elections should be stopped on the college campus before 24 hours of the time of elections.

(2) Each contestant will have to seek permission in writing from the Principal

(3) Graffiti is strictly prohibited. Sticking posters, hoarding Pictures, Wall displays for elections is prohibited on the college campus.

(4) Canvassing for elections can be done only verbally or in a written form through pamphlets.

(5) Personal comments, criticism of the opponent is to be avoided during canvassing.

(6) I - card is a must for casting vote. A student would be allowed to enter the college campus on the day of an election only after producing an I-card. If a student forges the use of an I-card and is found guilty, she/he would be punished.

(7) Issues like Religion, Caste, Class, Should not be touched upon during canvassing.

(8) Voters should not be bribed or forced.

(9) Outsiders would not be allowed entry into the college campus on the day of election.

(10) Vulgarity and indecency during canvassing or celebration after the election would not be tolerated.

(11) Not more than Rs. 2000/- should be spent on canvassing or celebration. In two weeks time, the expenditure statement along with evidence should be submitted to the authorities.

(12) Students resorting to violence, mischief, threat, kidnapping would be liable for strict punishment by the principal.

(13) Any student found misbehaving with the staff, the principal would be liable for strict punishment.

(14) Loudspeakers and Vehicles should not be used for canvassing.

(15) Within 48 hours after the election, all the contestants should gather and clean the college campus.

(16) To file the nomination for a class representative a student is required to deposit Rs. 2001- along with the form.

(17) Graffiti is strictly prohibited. Nothing should be written on the walls, windows, doors, furniture on the college campus.

(18) Canvassing literature like billboards, signboards, pamphlets etc. should not be stuck on the walls.

(19) No pamphlets or handbills should be hung in the classroom.

(20) If college furniture like table, chairs, electric fitting, fans etc. are found to be tampered with, the cost would be deducted from the deposit money, any other loss would also be recovered of the contestant.

(21) Any student found shouting slogans in the college campus or lobby would be strictly punished.

(22) During or after the election, no outsiders other than the bonafide students of the college would be allowed entry into the campus. No hearing of an outsider before The principle of the election committee would be entertained.

(23) No Personal comments or allegations should be made against the opponents.

(24) More than 2000/- Rs. cannot be spent on canvassing or on the celebration of victory in elections.

(25) A contestant for the class representative will have to canvass in his / her class itself.

(26) A candidate found misbehaving or ignoring the instructions of teachers during an election would be strictly punished. A candidate found threatening or terrorizing would be liable for cancellation of admission.

(27) No mischief would be allowed during the counting of votes. Playing with colours after the declaration of results is prohibited on the campus. Students found bursting crackers would be severely dealt with.

(28) Instruction of election officials will have to be strictly followed. Authority's decision would be final.

(29) In case of a tie, the election result would be decided a lucky draw.

(30) As per the constitution, apart from seats reserved for lady students, all other seats would be open for students. A student (Male / Female) winning the highest number of votes on an open seat would be declared a winner.

(31) For the entire election process and administration a committee has been formed comprising the following members of the staff. Candidates are requested to meet them. After the decision of the committee, a written application could be forwarded to the president. Guidelines and instruction of the committee will have to be strictly followed:

(32) Students are instructed to leave the campus after casting the vote. For the counting of votes only the contestant would be allowed to remain present in the classroom.

(33) Voters should put (X) before the candidate's name. Nothing else should be written and no sign should be inscribed on the ballot paper.

(34) No candidate or supporter of the candidate should canvass or distribute pamphlets on the election day.

(35) The identity card is the must for casting vote. Any illegal use of identity card by a student is strictly prohibited and the students would be liable for punishment and the contestant found responsible for this illegal act would have to lose his candidature.

(36) All students expect candidates will have to leave the college campus after the election is over.

(37) Students' resorting to violence, mischief, fights and kidnapping during election could be punishable by the principal.

(38) No students would be allowed entry inside the campus between 5.30 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.

(39) A student who once files his name as a proposer or as a supporter for one candidate will not be eligible to stand for another Candidate. He / She also would not be entitled to file the nomination for class representative.

(40) Each student found misbehaving with the principal, staff members and election officials on the day of an election would be liable to strict punishment by the principal.

(41) Any student found misbehaving with the principal; staff members and election officials on the day of the election would be liable to strict punishment by the principal.



(1) The nomination forms would be scrutinized prior to the election.

(2) A photograph of the candidate should be affixed on the nomination form.

(3) The The birth date of the candidate should be correct

(4) Roll no. of the candidate should be correct.

(5) The proposer and the supporter should be from the same division from which the candidate is contesting the election. They should have signed the form.

(6) The candidate, proposer and the supporter should not have any changes of involvement in any illegal activity, malpractice, or violation of disciplinary rules.

(7) The form should be duly signed by the parent o guardian.

(8) The date of filling the form should be written.

(9) One copy of the constitution carrying the candidate's signature should be attached with the nomination form. The form should be duly signed by the parent/guardian.

(10) The student's name should be written in short.

(11) The academic year should be mentioned.

(12) The candidate, proposer and the supporter should not have any past record of any malpractices in the examination.

(13) One student can propose only one candidate.

(14) One student can support only one candidate.

(15) The original leaving certificate should be enclosed.

(16) A student contesting for the post of class representative should not have any A.T.K.T. (Allowed to keep Terms) in the previous exam.

(17) Contestants and the winners should have a minimum attendance of 75%.

(18) A student in his / her academic career can contest for the post of G. S. and C.R. only once and twice respectively.

(19) The contestant should not have any record of a criminal case registered against him. Moreover, there should be no case of misbehaviour/malpractice against him, in the college, university or any other institution.

(20) Candidates should submit along with the nomination ( any two identification proofs) the original School Leaving certificate, one self-attested copy, a passport size photo, copy of the driving license and copy of PAN card ( for age proof ). F. Y. B.Com. students should submit a Copy of the thalassemia test report also with the nomination.

(21) Candidate, proposer and supporter have to submit a copy of the I - Card ( Both Sides) & Fee Receipt. It is compulsory.

(22) The students who are above 18 years of age will have to enclose a copy of the Employment Registration Number.

(23) The final decision in any matter would be of the Principal.



"Ragging" means any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student, including in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student or asking to do any act or perform something which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as 0 adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student.


Punishable ingredients of Ragging:

(1) Abetment to ragging

(2) Criminal conspiracy to rag

(3) Unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging

(4) Public nuisance created during ragging

(5) Violation of decency and morals through ragging

(6) Injury to the body, causing hurt or grievous hurt

(7) Wrongful restraint

(8) Wrongful confinement

(9) Use of criminal force

(10) Assault as well as a sexual offence or even unnatural offences

(11) Extortion

(12) Criminal trespass

(13) Offences against property

(14) Criminal intimidation

(15) Attempts to commit any or all of the above-mentioned offences against the victim(s)

(16) All other offences following from the definition of Ragging".



Depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence as established by the Anti - Ragging Committee of the institution, the possible punishment for those found guilty of ragging at the institution level shall be any one or any combination of the following:

(1) Cancellation of admission

(2) Suspension from attending classes

(3) Withholding/withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits

(4) Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation processes

(5) Debarring from representing the institution in any regional national or international meet, tournament, your festival, etc.

(6) Suspension/expulsion from the hostel.

(7) Rustication from the institution for period ranging from 1 to 4 semester

(8) Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution

(9) Fine of Rupees 25,000/-

(10) Collective punishment: When the persons committing or abetting the crime of ragging are not identified, the institution shall report to collective punishment as a deterrent to ensure community pressure on the potential raggers.

(11) School Leaving Certificate

(12) Character Certificate

(13) Undertaking by the candidate / Student in the prescribed format

(14) Undertaking by Parent / Guardian in the prescribed format



(1) Apply within 6 days after the publication of results. Forms will not be accepted after the date notified. The irregular Students will not be allowed to sit in internal as well as university examination.

(2) Every student is expected to follow the disciplinary rule of the college. Violation of the rules will lead to strict action.

(3) It is compulsory to appear in the internal tests conducted by the college. In case of illness, the parents or guardian shall inform the college in writing along with a medical certificate, within three days from the commencement of the examination.

(4) 80% attendance in any term/semester is very essential for appearing for university examination, failing which the term/semester of the student will be cancelled. Attendance will be marked in every lecturer and a student who remains absent in one lecture will lose the whole day's attendance. If a student remains absent due to illness, he/she will have to submit a written application along with a doctor's certificate.

(5) Students who remain absent in the internal tests will not be eligible for appearing at the university exam. The examination forms of those students who fail in 50% or more subject in the internal assessment will be withdrawn.

(6) Fees must be paid on the dates announced and at the specified time. Otherwise, admission will be cancelled automatically.

(7) Students are allowed to visit the college office for necessary work only during free periods and recess

(8) As per rules of the university, every student has the responsibility to submit exam forms and fees in time and the college, under any circumstances, will not accept late forms and fees.

(9) Students should procure their identity cards renew them after each term. No student will be allowed to enter the campus or attend lectures without an identity card. If a card is lost, a duplicate card can be obtained from the college library.

(10) Subjects once selected can not be changed.

(11) Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students who misbehave with the college staff or cause damage to college property. A serious breach of the law will be punishable by cancelling the admission immediately.

(12) Bringing outsiders to the campus is punishable.

(13) Any instruction from the college and teachers should be obeyed by students. Strict action will be taken if anyone is found dishonouring such instructions.

(14) Students once caught and punished for malpractice in the university examination will not be readmitted.

(15) The admission of students who bunk lecturer and move about in the campus will be cancelled. Irresponsible students will not be admitted to the second term.

(16) Admission obtained providing wrong, unclear and incomplete information will be cancelled.

(17) Students of this college are not allowed to attend lectured in any other college during college timing and they should not join service anywhere.

(18) Vehicles should be parked at the parking zone. Nobody will be allowed to park vehicles on the campus after college timing. Do not park vehicles outsides the campus.

(19) Smoking and pan or mava masala chewing are strictly prohibited on the campus. Those who spit pan or mava masala will be punished.

(20) Strict action will be taken against students who do not keep mobile phones switched off in the classroom and in the lobby.

(21) Parents of every student have to meet the principal once in every term & semester compulsorily.

(22) The admission of the students involved in ragging will be cancelled.