Report on planning forum committee


According to the “Gurukul Pratha” that prevailed in ancient times, students received the knowledge of almost all the subjects, before they went back and proved their calibre in the real world. Even today students need information and knowledge of subjects besides those covered under the syllabus. To achieve this purpose our college organized lectures of experts of different disciplines the details of which are under:

Academic year: 2017-2018

    1. The college organised a visit to Mamta Kendra (an institute for mentally challenged children) on 5 August 2017
    2. The college celebrated charity day on 6 January 2018 students from the college visited Mahaveer Sanskar Vidyalaya, Udhna.
    3. The college arranged a seminar on “career guidance “dated 16th February 2018 seminar was delivered by Deepak Yadav.

Academic year:2018-2019

    1. Celebrate breastfeeding week 2018, “breastfeeding” on 03-08-2018 seminar delivered by DR. Snehal Desai & Prof. Meenakshi Tripathi.
    2. The college arranged a seminar “career counselling” on 07-08-2018, a seminar delivered by Mr Devendra Sharma.
    3. A lecture on “personality development” on 06-09-2018 delivered by Mr Pranav Gosaliya.

Academic year: 2019-2020

    1. The college arranged a seminar “the importance of sports in student’s life” on 29-08-2019 by Mr Dutta and Mr Chirag.
    2. Celebrated “breastfeeding” on 09-08-2019. By Prof Meenakshi Tripathi and Dr Snehal Desai.
    3. Arranged seminar “A healthy lifestyle” on 21-01-2020. By Mrs Niranjana lad.
    4. College arranged a seminar “CMA as a career option and GST” on 28-01-2020 by Dr Ravi Patel and Mrs Divya Chokhawala.
    5. Seminar arranged ‘Guidance on civil services exams” on 31-01-2020 by Mr Piyush Bothra and Mr Jignesh.
    6. Seminar arranged “Guidance on civil service exam” on 08-02-2020, by Mr Haren Singh Tomar.

        The committee conducted all its activities under the able guidance of our co-ordinator Mr H.B.Nagoria sir and I/C principal Mr Chintan Modi sir for providing tireless support and encouragement to do such activities on our college campus.



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