The youth is full of talent and if that talent is harnessed properly, it will not be lost in oblivion. This harnessing can be done through career guidance. Our Career Counselling committee aims to guide and direct students to set their career goals and stimulate them to exercise their consistent endeavours to accomplish their career objectives. Keeping in view the competence, interests, and acquired knowledge of the students, it channels the young trainees to fetch lucrative specialized career. Sessions are conducted to illuminate the students on professional as well as interpersonal skills. The committee helps them to explore new knowledge and inculcates the right attitudes among them as per the requirements of the globally competitive world.

It is aptly said that “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” We at Sascma, with several seminars and workshops, strive to involve our students thereby evolving them into the better, humble and successful citizen.

In this day and age, where there are so many career options available, young students find it very difficult to choose their right career option and at times prefer the safer option to their interest. Taking all these issues into consideration, we organized a seminar on “Financial Planning and Inclusion” by inviting keynote Speaker Mr Nilesh Gandhi - Sutex Bank Branch Manager and Mr Sheetal Bhatt, where students came to understand the importance of financial planning and how to create a balanced plan to meet goals.

One of the most interactive and appreciated seminars was witnessed on the topic “Youth Energy and Meditation” by OSHO. It was our great privilege in working with speaker Swami Anand Sadaiv where he enlightened us with the existence of new dimensions which opened the eyes of many students by understanding inner transformation and virtues that arises out of meditation by own experiences.

A leading step ahead, the courage of striving excellence, a hope of working towards better things in life made a difference to all of us. In this context imparting the knowledge about traffic laws and rules, a very helpful seminar was arranged on the topic “Seminar on Traffic Awareness” by Mr Mahesh Parmar –RTO Trainee where he educated the students with his valuable guidance on the civic sense to lead a safe and secure life by understanding meaning and significance of different road signs and observe traffic rules and to be a responsible citizen.

An informative seminar on “Way to MBA” was organised by the college where learned personalities, of IMS – Surat, Mr Ankur Agarwal and Mr Vikas Agarwal, with their valuable insights, made them understand the pragmatic approach to MBA.

The saying “A child who is nurtured by his mother’s milk attains long life, like the Gods who were made immortal with drinks of nectar”, was reminded to our students by conducting a seminar on “Breastfeeding – A foundation of Life” which was graced by prominent personalities like Prof. Minakshi Tripathi of Sheth Purushotamdas Thakurdas Mahila College of Arts and Home Science and Dr Snehal Desai a well-known Pediatrician.

A seminar on “Career Guidance” was conducted by Mr Devendra Sharma, a distinguished speaker and centre head of Endeavor Careers – Surat. He imparted instructive information on various career options and their scope in several public and private organisations.

The most interactive session was “Personality Development” where students acknowledged their strengths and weaknesses which allowed them to reflect upon themselves. Much-needed guidance on how to recreate a new version of your self was given by our prestigious guest Mr Pranav Gosaliya who was from IBS – Ahmedabad.

A seminar on “Career counselling in Banking Sector” was wonderfully delivered by Mr Shubham Sharma who is a Sascma alumnus and currently working with HDFC bank.

An interesting session on “About the sacrifices made by the Armed forces and protecting the borders” was delivered by Mr Haren Gandhi an Ex-navy official. He was eulogised by students as he gave a discourse on surgical strike and various other missions of our Armed forces.

An invaluable session on “Resurgent India in the Geo-poli-nomics of globalisation” was delivered by our eminent speaker Mr Ankit Shah a practising chartered accountant from Ahmedabad. His mind-boggling session left the audience in awe as he unleashed his insights on the world economy and globalisation.

Our students were privileged to attend a workshop on “How to start a business online” which was organised by Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management. The workshop helped them comprehend the various technicalities of an online business.

It is rightly said that “Sports do not build a character, they reveal it”. To make our students understand this we organised a seminar on “Importance of sports in one’s life” which was successfully delivered by Mr Dutta and Chirag Sir.

A session on “Career options in Aviation and Hospitality Industry” was delivered by Mr Rupesh Parekh who explained how one can make a prodigious career in the aviation and hospitality industry.

A seminar on “A Healthy Lifestyle” was wonderfully conducted by Mrs Niranjana Lad and her team. This invaluable seminar taught our students to take a step forward towards healthy living.

An interesting seminar on “GST and CMA as a career” was conducted jointly by Dr Ravi Patel and Mrs Divya Chokhawala.

An informative session on “Guidance on civil service exam” was delivered by Mr Haren Singh Tomar, Ms Piyush Bothra and Jignesh Sir.

Lastly, we sincerely appreciate and acknowledge the consistent efforts of all our eminent speakers and advisors, our management, committee members, I/C principal, teaching and administrative staff and our beloved students who with their co-ordination and co-operation continuously supported us.

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